GAME OVER – Try again?

I recently stumbled over the realization that I know several songs titled “Game Over”. In itself this is neither unusual nor in any way exciting, but then I came to think about those two words’ versatility. “Game Over” can mean that something, in most cases a relationship (thanks to Pop music…), is over; that the game of life is – or will soon be – over for someone (which makes the title particularly popular among rappers and would-be gangsters); that one is victorious while the other has failed. I grew curious and went on a journey through the world wide web. This is what I found…


Machine Head – The song “Game Over” features the Thrash Metal band’s latest record “Bloodstone & Diamonds” (2015). Its lyrics appear to hint at the band’s breakup with and the end of a friendship to their longtime bass player Adam Duce, but also object rather generally to the notion that life is a game:

And you say that life is just a game and

Everyone who plays is just a pawn

And shame on me it went so long

How could I’ve been so wrong?

I’ve forever gone colder

If life is just a game then Game over

Skindred – The energetic song “Game Over” by the British Ragga Metal heroes is part of their album “Union Black” (2011) and comprised of a wild, stomping beat, clear singing (Benji Webbe at his best) and weirdly cool electronic elements. In 2011, the song was part of a Metal Hammer compilation, which is where I first made contact with Skindred and fell irreversibly in love. Another game, another fight:

You play the game the aim to win, to whip the smile right off ya face

For he who fights and runs away, will live to fight another day!

Game over! Pass the control

Game over! Pass the control

You’re done dead already and you got to move over

Game over! Pass the control!


A Life Divided – The German Synth Rock band has been touring with Industrial Rockers Oomph!, Eisbrecher and supported Apocalyptica. “Game Over” is part of their 2013 record “The Great Escape”.


Insolence – A very freaky intro to their version of “Game Over” gives credit to the various influences the band incorporate into their Nu Metal.


Nuclear Assault – Dan Lilker founded the band after leaving Anthrax in 1984. Even though for him the game thus was far from over, the single “Game Over” features the album of the same title that appeared in 1986. No singing, this time…


You want to get less metallic? Try these:

Solid Pop/ rock from Last Amanda.

Veeeery strange: Hadouken!

Rap-HipHop-Dubstep, fast, faster, fastest: McFee.

Sweet, really: VV Brown. There’s also a version without the megaphone…

Game over in it’s original sense, plus weird and funny: Dj Mad Dog.


GAME OVER – Wanna try again?