Heavy Media


“Metal – A Headbanger’s Journey“ by Sam Dunn (2005)

Anthropologist Sam Dunn takes you along on a trip through Heavy Metal history and present. This great documentation features legends such as Toni Iommi, Alice Cooper, Dee Snider, Bruce Dickinson, Ronnie James Dio and more. Incredibly well investigated, highly professional, humourous and full of amazing facts!


“Full Metal Village” by Cho Sung-hyung (2006)

Korean director Cho Sung-hyung visits the German village Wacken, where once a year Germany’s largest open air festival, Wacken Open Air, takes place. In the focus of her film – which sports the subtitle “ein Heimatfilm” – are Wacken’s inhabitants and their lives next to and in symbiosis with the WOA. Sensitive, amusing, great nature shots!


“Heavy Metal auf dem Lande” by Andreas Geiger (2006)

Donzdorf is a small village near the Swabian Alb. Between cows, farmers and textile industry, Markus Staiger has founded Nuclear Blast, the famous record label and merchandise shop. The film gives an insight into the label’s history and the rural idyll of Donzdorf.





Christe, Ian. Höllen-Lärm: Die komplette, schonungslose, einzigartige Geschichte des Heavy Metal. (2004)

Original title: Sound of the Beast: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal. (2003)

Christe reveals his view of Heavy Metal History from 1970 to the present in more than 400 pages. He roams the decades, interviews musicians, embroiders his writings with fascinating details and gives handy overviews over many heavy music styles. His work is completed by an extensive timeline and a range of coloured pictures.


Dornbusch, Christian/ Killguss, Hans-Peter. Unheilige Allianzen: Black Metal zwischen Satanismus, Heidentum und Neonazismus. (2005)

In their 300-page work, Dornbusch and Killguss approach Black Metal from a historical, anthropological and social point of view. The genre’s connections to religious sects, violence and ideologies of various kinds are explored in detail and with great prudence. The authors produce an all-embracing, impartial picture of Black Metal history and its present activity.


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